On June 21, 1953 by the virtue of Executive Order No. 1516 Pualas was created with 39 barangay. By December 14, 1985 by the issuance of executive order no. 108 Only 23 were retained.

Pualas is governed primarily by the mayor, the vice mayor and the SB Members.


Before the Spaniards arrived, sheriefs had already established kingdoms in the different parts of Mindanao. Among them was Sharief  Kabungsuan, who came from Malaysia, settled and married to Potrie Tonina of Malabang in the southern coastal area of Lanao.learning that Ranao (Lanao) was an ideal place for agriculture, he ordered his men to scout an area where they could plant rice, corn and other agricultural crops. His men went uphill through the vast forests. They cleared sufficient space for farming and made remarks in vernacular saying “ Minipualas so Mualada kayo Kalasan” which meant that the vast forests were cleared up and the woods were scattered everywhere. As time went by, the place was named PUALAS.

Pualas was created by virtue of Executive Order No. 1516 dated June 21, 1963 with 39 Barangays. However, during the administration of President Corazon T. Aquino, some Barangays were abolished with the issuance of Executive Order No. 108 dated December 14, 1986. Only 23 were retained, namely Badac, Bantayan, Basagad, Bolinsong, Boring, Bualan, Danugan, Dapao, Diamla, Ingud Gadongan, Linuk, Lumbac Maligo, Masao, Notong, Porug, Romagondong, Talambo, Tamlang, Tomarmpong, Tuka and Yaran.

Politically the Municipality of Pualas has been ruled and administered by prominent leaders from the different sectors of the society. One of them was a Lawyer Practitioner, Late Municipal Circuit Judge Atty. Guimba-Anen Mandi. Another was a Military man, Late Colonel Corobong Tanog, then a businessman in the person of Hadji Nasser Balindong whose unfinished term was continued by his successor Vice Mayor Misolawan Sahabboden, a farmer and a civic leader. From the youth, Datu Riparado b. Palawan was appointed during the martial law. From the educators, the people of Pualas was served by two (2) educators, Datu Gumao Amerol, a classroom teacher and Abdulwahid Daksla. Al-Hadj, DECS Principal. Also there were two (2) leaders in the field of Engineering who served the good people of the locality. There were Datu Cariki Ibrahim and Datu sa Pualas, Engr. Cabib A. Tanog Ex-mayor Cabib A. Tanog completed three (3) consecutive terms as Local Chief Executive of the Municipality.

A young businessman has been destined to serve the good people of the locality as the Local Chief Executive, Honorable Alibasher Sidic Andaman in the 1998 National and Local elections. In the May 14, 2001 National and Local Elections, Andamun was again elected to the position and proclaimed as the Municipal Mayor of Pualas, Lanao del Sur. However due to the untimely demise of Mayor Andamun, Vice Mayor Malik M. Daksla was installed to the Office by succession on December 12, 2005. Mayor Daksla is the son of former Mayor Abdulwahid M. Daksla.

As fate dictates, the leadership returned back to Engr. Cabib A. Tanog. He was again elected on May 26, 2007, National and Local Elections. The people of Pualas have strong confidence that Mayor Cabib A. Tanog will continue his vision by making Pualas a progressive town where happy, literate, productive, and peace-loving individuals dwell. He has completed a two-year term but gave way to his son, Shariefullah Adiong Tanog who has chosen to enter politics after finishing his college degree. Shariefullah won in the May 2013 National and Local Elections.

In 2022, election Amanoden T. Ducol won the election. 

Below is the list of the municipality of Pualas officials:

Municipal Mayor:  AMANODEN T. DUCOL

Vice Mayor:              DIALALODIN MARUHOM

SB Members:           NORAIMA LANTO

                                      SHARIEEFUDIN LUCMAN

                                      ASRAF ASINDA 

                                      KHALID MUTIN

                                      NURHAN SARIP

                                      HOSNIE SARIPADA

                                      SAMIL MARUHOM

                                      MOHAMED TANOD