The Local Government Unit of Pualas envisions to be a peaceful eco-tourism municipality lived by healthy, empowered participative and God-fearing constituents with a stable source of livelihood, conductive political setting, suitable environment led by righteous, capable, and responsive leaders and officials within the framework of participatory Islamic governance.


The Municipality of Pualas commits to promote a peace-building process to spur community development, expansion of livelihood, and effective service delivery to meet people’s needs, attaining a secured political socio-physical, and economic environment.


Increase household income and productivity
Improve Strategic Alignment
Develop Eco-tourism potentials
Enhance fiscal management systems and procedures for efficient and effective resource generation, allocation, and utilization.
Improve access to quality social services
Enhance environmental protection
Ensure enactment and enforcement of enabling policies and legislative measures for the development of the municipality

The Seven Strategic Themes

Economic Growth

Transforming Bureaucracy

Eco-Tourism Development

Revenue Generation

Social Services

Environmental Protection

Pro-active Legislation